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About GolfStakes

This site was created for the avid golfer who’s looking for an easy way to score side games, leagues, and tournaments while on the course.

After scoring hundreds of rounds of golf and trying to keep track of all the side games that were being played, I thought there had to be a better way of doing this. So with knowledge of the game and the power of the internet I started out making a web based application that allowed a golfer to easily create a round of golf on their mobile phone, then score that game with a mulitude of side games included and after the round is completed, to be able to review the games scores quickly and easily.

Now with a years worth of development, Golfstakes is looking to attract more golfers by offering better features and more courses than the other run of the mill golf sites.

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New Developers Blog

We've now added a developers blog to our site so that you can follow along with all the new things that are happening at Golfstakes.

Kyle Kryger, owner of

Kyle Kryger, owner of