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2/14/2019 1:03:39 AM
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URUMQI Authentic Aaron Rodgers Jersey , March 9 (Xinhua) -- For Alimas Ali Polat, a bowl of mutton pilaf is more than a meal -- it's a work of edible art.

In northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, traditional mutton pilaf, or zhuafan, is a staple dish that blends steamed rice, mutton Bart Starr Jersey , carrot, onion and sometimes dried fruit. The pilaf is popular among local ethnic minority groups.

When Alimas was studying in the United States, he cooked zhuafan for his friends, who raved about the dish and asked him for the recipe and where they could order it.

The young Uygur was inspired and decided to quit his job in Beijing and return to Urumqi, hoping to introduce modern restaurant management to the zhuafan cooking process.

"The taste of zhuafan in ethnic restaurants varies according to the chef's experience and mood," Alimas said. "But standardization is the key to modern catering."

Alimas's father Ty Montgomery Jersey , who has run a zhuafan restaurant in Urumqi for decades, was not fond of the idea at first.

In contrast to his father's ornate restaurant, which features ethnic decor, a floor show, delicate cutlery and many kinds of dishes, Alimas chose a simpler Montravius Adams Jersey , more youthful theme.

Inside his restaurant, named "Wemily," graffiti and Marvel comic heroes take the place of elaborate hand-carved patterns and fancy furniture.

"The cost of my father's traditional restaurant is way too high. It's time to turn zhuafan into modern fast food," Alimas said.

His team puts a lot of effort into selecting and processing ingredients.

Lamb chops and shanks from free-range sheep, yellow carrots from southern Xinjiang and white onions from Hami in the east of the region add local flavor to the dish. The rice, grown in northeast China Josh Jones Jersey , is cooked in small pots to guarantee quality and taste.
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