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6/23/2020 7:31:31 PM
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he just might get it this time aroundOn this slow motion replay it looks to me like a legal hit. I know plenty will disagree and have disagreed, but this strikes me as a football play. It's not like a clear cut clothesline at the neck or a blow to the head. They need time wholesale jerseys china to gel as a unit like any other line. Panicking now will only make things worse. I wholesale jerseys was counting on Goods return to really help stabilize the line as well.Revis is laughing straight to the bank again. A perfect fit in New England, he remained rock solid in an otherwise shuffled secondary and proved to be the missing piece for another Tom Brady era Super Bowl. Like Sherman, Revis is not tested often for a reason.
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Home » Announcements » he just might get it this time around