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5/20/2021 11:28:26 PM
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Outsourcing Metal Stamping – Precision Metal Stamping

The high-speed presses and highly skilled technicians at Prince Manufacturing produce precision metal stampings of any shape out of virtually any metal, alloy, or composite material. Our extensive contract manufacturing capabilities offer your company a number of competitive advantages when you outsource metal stamping to us, in part production including:To get more news about <a href="https://www.tenral.com/">deep draw metal stamping</a>, you can visit tenral.com official website.

By adopting the latest technology and continually striving to provide more efficient methods of Prince metal stamping in the manufacturing process, Prince Manufacturing can offer unmatched quality while reducing costs and eliminating waste.

Boker’s has specialized in producing high quality custom metal stampings for over 100 years. This precision manufacturing covers a complete range of sizes up to 12″ x 12″ (flat) with thicknesses from .005″ to .190″ and draws of up to 3″ deep and 8″ in diameter. At Boker’s, “World Class Manufacturing” is an ongoing process. It means Boker’s utilizes many of the latest technologies and precision metal stamping manufacturing concepts to focus on providing you with quality stampings. This focus on meeting customer needs goes back to 1919.

To expedite your order and shorten delivery time, Boker’s has immediate access to 2,000 commonly specified and hard-to-find materials including low carbon, cold rolled strip and sheet steel; SAE 1050, 1075, and 1095 spring steel; blue and black temper spring steel; low alloy steel sheets; brass; copper; nickel silver; beryllium copper; phosphor bronze; stainless steel; aluminum; and several non-metallic materials such as acetal, PTFE, polyester, nylon, fiber, polyethylene, and various phenolics. Certificates of Compliance or chemical/physical analyses are available upon request. Whatever your precision metal stamping needs, if it can be stamped, Boker’s can turn it into your high quality, custom metal stamping project.
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Home » Announcements » Outsourcing Metal Stamping – Precision Metal Stamp